Workshop-ok a 2018-as Zágrábi EB-n

Dear coaches, dancers and choreographers, we are offering you a chance to enrich your dance knowledge and experience. Join us in Arena Zagreb from May 10 to 13, 2018.

Juan Zapata (hip-hop, street jazz)
One of the best choreographers in the world. He has worked and performed with many celebrities (Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Luis Fonsi…)
May 10, Thursday from 10-11:30am,
May 12, Saturday from 10-11:30am

Miloš Isailović (contemporary, modern, lyrical)
Well known name in the contemporary dance world. His choreographies won many awards and first places on many international competitions.
May 11, Friday from 11-12:30am

Sabrina Rinaldi (ballet)
Dancer and dance pedagogue. Well appreciated ballerina who has many theatre performances behind her, around Europe and N. America.
May 11, Friday from 10-11:30am

Oriana Siew Kim (hip-hop) MASTERCLASS
Extremely talented dancer who has many performances in her career with dance groups ‘The Royal Family’ and ‘Request Dance Crew’. She has worked and danced with Jennifer Lopez, danced on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and in Justin Bieber’s music video. She has won world champion title few years in a row.
May 13, Sunday from 13-14:30

Duration of each class is 1,5h and every attendant get the diploma.

Workshop prices:
Juan Zapata 20EUR
Miloš Isailović 20EUR
Sabrina Rinaldi 20EUR
Oriana Siew Kim 30EUR

Special offer for clubs and groups;
10 attendants + 1 person free

If the perfomance of one the attendant is at the same time as the workshop, the performance time is going to be shifted. You can arrange that with the main judge after check-in.
Applications for workshops on email:

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